Mushrooms 🍄…are they really fungi’s?

Fungi had been around since the age of the dinosaurs, breaking down organic matter and recycling it back into the earth. Lately, mushrooms have been the hot topic, being used for medicines, coffees, and superfoods. Is there a reason why mushrooms have been getting so much hype or is it one of those things that will come and go like every other trend?

What are they?

Fungi are considered the digestive tract of the earth. It breaks down anything that is carbon-based and gives it a new life. As a result, fungi have been stabilizing the soil and keeping the nutrients balanced so plants have the optimal chance to grow. Fungi consist of 1.5 million species and make up their kingdom! Fun fact- they are more closely related to animals than plants and can break down plastic in a matter of weeks. For vegetarians mushrooms also make a great meat substitute as well because of their texture and ability to absorb flavor. It’s starting to make sense why it’s being looked at as superspecies!

Human evolution

The use of psychedelic mushrooms may have played a part in human evolution. Psychedelics are widely used to expand consciousness and connect with the world on a deeper level. Just imagine for a moment, if can see music, and hear colors, the different innovations you can come up with. Psychedelic mushrooms allow your consciousness to explore the levels of the universe freely by creating new neurological pathways and maintaining neurogenesis (brain health and plasticity).

For centuries there have been 23 known primates that use psychedelic plants, such as deer, monkeys, jaguars, and sheep. They mainly use it for relaxing and performance-enhancing purposes. Now psychedelics are being studied in the medical community, as alternative treatments for depression, cancer, and PTSD. Studies have shown that micro-dosing mushrooms can enhance positive well-being, cognitive functioning, and overall mental health.

Turkey tail mushrooms

Turkey tail mushrooms are considered one of the more medicinal types of mushrooms, and by the looks of it, it’s not hard to see where it gets its name from. It is commonly found on fallen logs and tree stumps. It is usually consumed in tea or powder form. The health benefits range from helping with digestion to treating colds to supporting cancer treatments. With having such a wide range of benefits, it is also safe enough to take a small amount everyday to boost the immune system.

Mushrooms we’re here long before us and will be here long after us, how will we use them to improve our health and environment is up to us. I think realizing the medicinal benefits that the plants and herbs around us have can improve our over all wellbeing.

Stay tuned for more about plants, nature, the mind, and the soul. One love ❤️

*disclaimer: this post is only for discussion and to get ideas flowing, not to give medical advice. See a doctor for any medical consultations*

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