Birthing Essentials for you and Baby

If you’re having a baby anywhere but your home, you will need to bring some items to make you and the baby more comfortable during your birthing stay. The first time I gave birth I didn’t know what to bring so I packed light and wished I brought a couple more things that I did not think of, now that it’s the second time around I’m going in more prepared.


My list consisted of things that brought me comfort, good vibes, and a full stomach.

Comfort: I didn’t bring things I knew the hospital already had like pillows and blankets, my hospital also provided me with toothpaste and a toothbrush so it was one less thing to pack. But that’s completely up to you of course whatever makes you cozy please go for it! I ended up bringing things like a phone charger, clothes that had buttons so it was easy to breastfeed, or bralettes and some pajama pants. I also Needed chapstick for the dry lips from all the talking I was doing. If you plan on breastfeeding I would recommend nipple cream and a tennis ball to rub out any clots that you may get. Lastly, you would want to bring anything you will need for your postpartum recovery, things like pads, adult diapers, serums, peri bottle, etc.

Good vibes: I made a playlist of songs that I wanted to hear to help me breathe through my contractions, I brought headphones and a mini portable speaker, and some crystals specific for the intention I wanted to set. Along with this I also brought a positive mind set, i knew I was going to be going with the flow and that my birth plan may change.

Full belly: Of course, I brought SNACKS on SNACKS on SNACKS because after not eating for 36 hours I was starving! I brought lots of fruits and stuff for before labor and then for after I’m not going to lie I indulged; cookies, chips, brownies, literally anything I wanted. Plus the hospital I stayed at had breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that was very helpful.

For extra: I also brought a folder to organize all the paperwork they give you and a pen just in case you have to take notes or sign documents. I also downloaded an app to track diaper changes and feeding because they usually ask you questions regarding that.

A big one is to bring your voice or have someone there that can speak up for you and your needs and wants. When you are in pain and haven’t eaten in days your mind will be burnt out. You can go in there as prepared as you’d like but the reality is things can change rather quickly because the body and babies are unpredictable. However, no matter the situation the staff is there for you and your baby so tell them what you need, don’t need, if you’re uncomfortable, if you’d rather do something different, etc. Even if it’s not you, tell your support person to do it for you and make sure the team is putting your needs first. The most important thing you can do for yourself is what you feel is best and will give you the best birthing experience. ❤️


Ahhhh the baby 🥰, since the hospital usually provides you with the essentials like diapers wipes and things like that I kept it simple and just brought things like a change of clothes, a baby blanket, hat/ mittens, and a pacifier if you plan on using one. If you plan on formula feeding I would check with your birthing center to see if its something they provide or if you need to bring your own bottles and things. One of the biggest things you don’t want to forget is the car seat/ stroller!

I didn’t want to pack my whole house so I only brought what I need. I know every family will be giving birth in different settings some will choose their home, a birthing center, or a hospital. See what your birthplace offers and plan from there 🙂

Wishing you all a healthy labor experience and a speedy recovery! We got this! One love ❤️

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